Dec 2010: Health and Safety Tips for Driving in Snow & Ice

Aug 2010:
Safe Business Practice Charter officially launched.


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Officially launched in August 2010 its aim is to help achieve a UK wide breakthrough in health & safety performance. Still not officially launched but the membership already includes large and small organizations from all regions and sectors across the UK. The interest in this initiative from a broad range of sectors continues to grow –members have committed to work together to improve health and safety performance.
The Charter is a collective statement of the aims and demands of Member Businesses to effect a big improvement in occupational health and safety for all workers in the UK. The Charter is not a finished document, but an evolving document reflecting the current concerns regarding the hazards and health and safety problems faced every day by people at work.

The Charter is founded on the principle that the effective management of health & safety is essential to the successful operation of any business. We consider safety to be the first consideration at work, coming before comfort and even efficiency. Participation in this charter is a visible commitment from business leaders to actively promote best practice for the enhancement of employee physical, social and mental well being.
Our vision is simple to improve UK Health & Safety performance by assisting our members to run businesses/provide workplaces which lead the way and set new standards of excellence through co-operation with, and respect for, their own staff, their suppliers, the regulators and their customers.

The applicable standards and ways to show compliance with them vary per industry – The Safe Business Practice Charter and its’ experts are at home with these standards and are able to help show all types of businesses the way in not only ensuring compliance but also in being able to show compliance.
We see a proper Safety Management System as being the key to proper health & safety Management. We consider the key areas of a Safety Management System to be:
  • Policy —defines employers' commitment to communicating, implementing and maintaining a safe workplace.
  • Planning —ensures projects are reviewed at the design stage so as to minimize future risks. It also ensures plans are in place to deal with emergencies safely and effectively.
  • Procedures/Training —making sure all employees clearly understands the in-house safety rules and regulations, and their obligations.
  • Investigations —ensuring all accidents and incidents at work are analysed; conclusions are properly drawn and appropriate action taken.
  • Proper monitoring of Subcontracting — monitoring the performance and responsibilities of any outside contractors you use, so that they are fully aware of, and are capable of meeting your organisation's safety management obligations.


Safe Business Practice Charter